Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dustin's Not so Famous Hopper

I have been playing around lately with a lot of foam and with a quick trip to the local craft store, foam in hand I dove in head first. I have tied about 9 dozen different foam hoppers, stones, ants, beetles, and gurglers. I have been using a dual color foam I developed which seemed really easy to do and wondered why I have not seen it before.

The wings are made from crackle ribbon which can be purchased at walmart or a craft store. I use deer or elk for the upper wing and rubber legs for the legs. You can also use markers for the eyes and you can even dot the head. When I make the extended body I will stick the hook in the vise the other way around and put two segmentations with a whip finish in each

Here is the whole family together

You can get really creative with the foam. Just some zap a gap and a little pressure and you can make these are well