Monday, September 12, 2011

If you build it, rain will come

Hey guys!! Life has been really crazy lately and pulled out the vise and started cranking some new stuff out. I have several patterns I want to share and a spin on a couple classics.  Those will be coming up this week.  This post is to share a small dream of mine that came true.  Yes it was very small but made my day. I always dreamed of having a creek or river running through my property and with this in mind I made a small creek bed in my front yard thinking one day it will be a real creek. Well......  Yesterday we got a freak 30 minute storm which dropped an inch and a half of rain and hail in that short amount of time. The craziest thing was it was still kinda sunny out and 90 degrees.  Our street looked like a river and I got my dream of a small creek :)

Look at the above picture and the road!!  Little Crimson street was a mighty river

It cause havoc on some of my landscaping, These were 6 feet tall. I made a little oasis and that is the start of my creek bed fully stocked

My pretty little creek looking towards the house

Bubbling water from my drainage in the back yard

My pretty little creek looking towards the road