Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally got all my fly tying setup organized!!

 Sorry this has so many pics but I wanted to share my setup!  Thanks if you took the time to go through them. I put my first hook in my vise on July 30th 2010.  So I have not been tying long. I have been hooked ever since.  Most of my materials I got at garage sales, ebay, and estate sales.  So I have amassed a lot of materials in a little time with very little money

 We will start with top of my organizer. On top is all my foam and under that is my dubbing and pre-sized hackle holder. On the left on the wall is a big back of ostrich. Then in front of it all is my dubbing mixer.
 My orange organizer is pretty cool. It has these white tops where I can put my dubbing underneath and able to pull out little at a time.
 Here is my blue organizer under my orange one
 In the first drawer is a lot of my hooks. Anything that is pre-packaged.
 Second drawer is all my tools and markers.
 Third drawer has most of my threads, lead, floss, and anything that is metal for bodies
Forth drawer is my feathers and hackles
Fifth drawer has all my furs and hairs
 Sixth drawer has all my synthetic furs and flashes
 Then on the side has dubbing and chenilles.
 On the other side I have more hooks, threads,and chenilles
 In the hook boxes I have stocked with all sorts of sizes and styles
 Then on the side of that I have a small thread caddy and a bigger thread holder
 Behind the hooks I have a real cool chenille holder
 On top of my computer the left I have some various fly boxes
 Here is my not so famous work station. I normally keep this very clean so no need to organize this. I have my computer screen right in front of me so I can watch youtube videos on tying or watch movies while I tie. I have a very nice light that I love. I always try to keep this as uncluttered as possible
 Where you are supposed to put your keyboard that come out I put the materials I am using or hooks and finished flies. The box at the bottom is where I always put the flies I am tying right now. I have used it since I started and has touched every fly I have tied
And of course my work horse!! My HMH standard which I LOVE!!!!  I want to thank you for looking at all this and hopefully it gives you some ideas how you can organize your materials and setup.


  1. Quite a setup for somebody who has been tying less that a year. I'm impressed. Looks like you have way too many hooks... I'd be glad to take some of those off your hands for you.

  2. Believe it or not but I don't think I paid more than $500 for everything I own! It is nice finding lots of materials from people that are trying to get rid of it and I have a great ability to get prices down. Most people don't want to sell stuff one by one so they sell everything they have for very little. A lot of the stuff were willed to people and they didn't tie flies so have no need for it.

  3. wow this is crazy!!!! I want more then half of what I see. My wife thinks I have "a lot of fly tying stuff" so I'm going to show her this post this afternoon. Also I want to find someone who is getting out of tying but all I know are people who are hooked or are on their way in. OH and thanks for linking to Allen Fly co. I don't understand how they can sell hooks so cheap, but I'm not complaining either. I'm placing my first order tonight!!! How is the shipping?

  4. Haha. These pictures made my better half shout "NO, YOU DON'T NEED THAT MUCH STUFF, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" from across the room. :D

  5. Very nice Dustin. I especially like the chenille holder. Do you buy large amounts and put them on the roller or? I've been considering buying a large amount (like 6 lbs worth) of white and dying it the colors I want/need.

    @ Bruce - All my orders from Allen have come super quick you wont be disappointed.

  6. I only have a couple full reams of chenille. Most that is on the roller is all I had of that color. I put that together before I really got into tying and put a lot of colors I have never used and just not changed it I did get some stock of chenille from a fly shop that was going under and got most of it including the holder at 75% off. Craigs list and also just being on top of what could be great deals have helped me a lot. You know I don't have a lot of money. I am on disability at 29 years old due to cancer so I do what ever I can to find the best prices and still be able to eat per say. This started as a hobby and turned into and addiction because it keeps me sane and takes my mind off lifes problems

  7. I just noticed I have seven drawers and only posted 6. The missing drawer is my other dubbing, antron, and chenille drawer. I was the 4th one down

  8. Dang Dustin, that's pretty impressive. I would be embarrassed to show you my fly tying desk after seeing that. My desk looks like some sort of explosion involving small, colorful birds just occurred.

  9. lol. It was about time I finally got it organized. I am usually a very tidy person and I let this lapse way too long

  10. That's amazing! Great job, you should build a spool holder for all those loose spools...

  11. I thought about it but I just don't have the space to hold it that is why I choose to use the bins

  12. your blog is awesome-nice fly tying setup

  13. Agree with the spool hldr. I'd just build it to size to fit in ur drawer. You can just make it out of 2X4's if you have access to a table saw. Drwrs are nice to reduce clutter, but they mean you have to dig unless your real organized. Looks like your pretty organized thou.

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