Saturday, July 16, 2011

My excuse for not posting lately -- Part 1

Well...  As some of you might have noticed I have not posted for a little while.  I at least have a valid excuse per say.  I am doing a full kitchen remodel which has been a blast yet a pain in the ARSE! I will give you a little back log of what is going on.  My aunt has a big interior design firm in California and has a lot of people owe her money due to the economy.  She sometimes will take product to pay down people bills and she took some a full kitchen remodel as a payment on a clients bill.  She found out that no one would buy them due to the fact that they are designed for a specific kitchen and no one would take the time to make them work. 3 years later they sat in her warehouse and needed to get rid of them. She knew I was fixing my house up and offered me if I can pic them up I can have them!  WHAT???  I said but the offer was valid. I could not get my shoes on fast enough to hit the road.  I knew it was going to be a huge challenge but I was up for it!!  So my cousin and I went to Cali and snagged it up.  I found out they were designed for a kitchen that was double my size but also meant I can mix and match and more to work with.  So here are some pictures of my original kitchen and the work in progress. With my cousin paying rent and a side business I started last month I had a little money to throw into the project.  I will have to make this in several posts so I don't have too many pics in just one post.

Above is what I had before the project started. They are cheap laminate wood and I was very happy to get rid of it.  

Here is all the new stuff sitting in my garage waiting to be put in.

Kitchen gutted and ready for the install. I had to extend one wall out 8 inches so I could fit the new stuff in.

This has been a huge jig saw puzzle and has been a big challenge but has been working for me "knocks on wood"  I found out one of the doors had a broken glass and have to replace.  $600 for the door and glass and I maybe I need to wait a little before I can replace.  I will post more pics tomorrow and show more progress.  Thanks for viewing!!!


  1. i personally didn't see anything wrong with your old cabinets, but the new stuff looks pretty cool too! (love your little furry helper).

    so, after you're done there, wanna take a drive to texas and do some handyman stuff here?! :)

  2. thanks for the comment! here is my logic why I took this on.

    1. My old cabinets are cheap boards with a laminate. These are mostly all solid wood.

    2. In more pics I am posting now these new ones have some cool features. They have self closing drawers so they can't be slammed, roll out shelves, and handles.

    3. They were free! When I was offered $25,000 in free cabinets it was impossible for me to say no.

    4. (most important) It gave me something to do. I have to keep myself busy or I go crazy and this has fulfilled that!! :)

  3. Nice work, Dustin. And you've been missed :)

  4. Very good job, and very big.

  5. Your new cabinets look fabulous and that is a great update. It's as good as DIY's James Young's updates, but I think you have received the deal of a lifetime in those cabinets.

    Good luck with the tiling.

  6. I would have taken those cabinets too!. I've been MIA also but have no excuse other than summertime laziness ;).

    You're doing a great job dude!