Monday, July 4, 2011

Rare Billinghurst reel??

 Trout Journeys has made a post about a rare Billinghurst reel that really caught my eye.  I love learning about the history of fly tying fishing.  I have always wanted to own a piece of  fly fishing history but for now I can only look at pictures.   Check out his blog as well, he has got some great posts

An original BILLINGHURST fly fishing reel pat. dated 1859. 

The rarest of the rare of all fly fishing reels ever made. It is the smallest version the 3 inch model with a fixed handle. 

William Billinghurst (1807-1880) produced reels of different sizes and materials, from small brass reels to giant sized nickel plated trolling reels¹ (though only one of these is currently known to exist). The most common, if any Billinghurst can be called that, is the nickel plated 2nd version, or dual patent marked reels circa 1873 to 1880.

You can own one now......................

The only thing I have that I can see as history is I have a lot of old and rare style hooks.


  1. It´s a very strange reel. There is some similar now.

    This is a similar view.

  2. Very nice reel and paper hook boxes.