Friday, November 18, 2011

Blog shout out and wohoo 200+ followers also what is in the works

First off YEAH!!  I reached 200 followers yesterday and yes it is only a number but cool to see that many people are interested in my blog.

As many of you know I have been missing in action for the last little while and have not done a blog shout out for awhile. I have found some great blogs recently and wanted to share them with you.  Again in no real order.

Driftless Creations Fly Tying --  This is trout magees fly tying blog.  If you have not seen any of his blogs you have been missing out. He is a great tier and an amazing person!  He is an inspiration for any father as well.  Here are is other 2 blog if you are interested.

Catching Shadows Blog -- Rich is a great blogger!  He just announced he will no longer be guiding but still blogging. I was very interested in his kitchen remodel and his flies are amazing!  He does do videos as well which are very informative.  Give him a look over.

Fly Tying Team -- This blog is in German but very informative. He posts videos of other tiers and his pictures of flies are AMAZING! 

I know I have blog shouted Erin's blog before but I have a lot of new followers that might have never seen it. 
Mysteries Internal blog is from a aspiring tier and an AMAZING writer.  Every fly fisherman should be following her blog.

Another side note is I finally ordered a new Scott rod the other day and I am stocked to get it in. at Windknots & Tangled Lines blog gave me an Orvis rod last spring and told me if I ever get another rod to donate it to another fisherman. I meet this 13 year old kid at a fly tying class and has tied for almost a year but never been fly fishing. His parents lost their job and their house about 4 months ago and his birthday is next week.  His family is down and out and because of this he has missed out on a lot of stuff. I have given him materials and such to keep his head up and tying to keep his mind off of life. I am going to give him that rod that Howard gave me and also my Orvis Rocky Mountain reel with a sinking line and take him fishing next weekend.  I wanted to thank Howard for helping me out and giving me the chance to do the same!

Finally -- What is coming up?  I have a Cicada pattern that I am working on and should post a step by step tomorrow and a pretty sweet hopper pattern but I need to wait for my material to come in so hopefully I can do a step by step on Monday or Tuesday on that one.

Again Thanks everyone for following and I promise to be more active than I have been lately


  1. Cool deal about passing the rod on.

  2. Glad you are back in action. I am working on tying some ice flies and your blog came up on the search. Nice flies. What Scott did you get?

  3. Thanks clif!

    Savage - Give some of those a try! You will be surprised. I got a 8' 6" 5 wt A4 rod. Thanks for the comment

  4. Dustin, Thanks for passing the rod on. Your 13 year old friend sounds like a good kid that needs a boost up. Good for you!

    I also wanted to say that you really were missed. I enjoy your tying immensely and look forward to the next one.

  5. Thanks Howard! Without your help I would have never been able to help another. Also I really missed blogging as well and glad to see people take interest in the blog. Thanks again

  6. Hey! Thanks for the shout out....and good on you for passing on your rod. Made my night.

  7. Thanks a lot for the shout out Dustin. I am glad you are back in the blogger nation once again. I look forward to seeing that cicada post. Some great blogs mentioned here. Thanks for the links. That kid is one lucky fellow :) Tight LInes.

  8. Oh yeah and congrats on the 200 mark man. Nicely done. TightLines

  9. no prob man, I saw you lurking the blog for a little an waiting for you to comment :)

  10. Congratulations on 200 and from the looks of it this morning, they'll keep on coming.


  11. All good stuff.

    I think the little guy in the photo needs a shout out.

  12. Congrats on the milestone, you're doing a great thing with that rod.

  13. Congrats on the 200 followers and awesome job on the shout-outs!

    That was a great thing you did by helping the young fisherman. A great thing to do and a great way of keeping the spirit of fly fishing going strong!

  14. Congrats on the achievement. Those are all great blogs you mentioned!

  15. Sucsess whit another 200 follower's
    greatings from Holland

  16. David Romanillos - Thanks glad to see you stop by.

    dave lindsay -- Gracias buddy

    Brk Trt -- That what a funny pic I found so if I knew that little guy I would give him a shout out

    troutrageous1 - Thanks! His birthday is Tuesday so I am excited

    Auglaize Fly Shop - I talked with his dad today so everything is scheduled and just helping out the new generation!

    G Lech- I really enjoyed all their blogs and it was nice to shout out Trout Magees and also Erin's blog again

    Age- Woohoo

  17. Giving that kid a rod man... Awesome

  18. I remember wanting nothing more than a fly rod when I was a kid. My uncle gave me his for the summer. He passed away and left me the rod. He'll remember you always.