Sunday, November 20, 2011

I guess I'm OCD when I tie?? Who knew

It is a rare occasion I have someone come over and tie with me and yesterday was one of those days. I sat down at the desk with my buddy there and went through my whole routine I normally do and he just sat back and started laughing. I was confused and he explained I just sat down and did my normal stuff and started tying but as he watched me it started to sink in....  Wow I'm weird.  Let me explain

1st I always have a nice cold beer next to me as I am tying but my beer is determined by what I am tying. I like the normal stuff like Coors or Budlight when I am tying simple patterns but if I get into anything technical I switch to a mexican or more flavorful beer such as Corona, Land Shark, or Blue Moon.  I might have maybe gotten only a couple sips in and I change patterns, so does my beer. Luckly I am always stocked.

Oh but it goes even further, this is not so weird I think cause I assume a lot of you do this. I set out all my materials for the flies I am tying. I am doing a dozen foam hoppers so I will cut the foam for a dozen, lay out my hooks, and a dozen of the other materials as well.  The weird part is I usually will play music and I play a certain band for certain flies.  I am very religious about this, I change my music and I struggle tying the flies. Here is an example of my fly playlist.

Hoppers : Kansas
Caddis : Pink Floyd
PMD's : Jack Johnson
Stoneflies : We the Kings
Parachutes : Senses Fail
Bead flies : Moody Blues

and the list goes on lol..  The most important thing I do and will or can not tie unless I have a Woodwick candle burning. My most favorite part of growing up was camping with my family and sitting in front of the fire. The Woodwick candles crackles as it is burning and puts me in a happy place and ready to tie.

My question to you is --  Do you do anything weird or special when you are tying?  What kind of music do you tie to?

Let me know what you do


  1. I've never heard anyone refer to Corona as a "more flavorful beer."

    You are wierd.

  2. I am not really a beer guy, however, I do almost always have a glass of scotch. If i am tying before noon it is a hot cup of coffee.

  3. in my defense Corona was supposed to be the Mexican not the more flavorful :)

  4. Savage - To be honest I have never tried scotch, luckly I am a slow drinker cause some days I will tie for 6 hours or more. I'm not a coffee drinker either.

  5. Props on the Jack Johnson. Sweets approves.

  6. Richard - Nothing like listening to banana pancakes and tying some reverse parachute PMD's. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Well everybody has their own way of doing things. Looks like yours just takes a little longer to get ready :) The beer is a must have and music too. I think I will have to invest in one of those WoodWick Candles :) Some great music to listen to for me is Slightly Stoopid. One of those bands that I am always in the mood to hear. YOu may like them. Wish my fridge looked like that inside :) Tight Lines.

  8. Just a note for you Trout Magee is I think you can only get them at bed bath and beyond. Don't quote me on that. hahah I LOVE Slightly Stoopid and I am going to their concert in January! I have seen them twice already. Good Times

  9. While coffee is the drink of choice on my end.
    My choice as far as music, Frank Sinatra gets top billing, and a whole host of others follows.

  10. The 36 pack - you ain't messing around. I've begun to restock the boxes. This time of year there's likely a football game on and I'm tying at the kitchen table with a beer.

  11. I think that's cool that you have such a routine. I really don't do anything special. I tie flies sitting on the couch watching tv on a snack try table (someday I will have to get a real set up like a tying desk).

  12. You have a much more established routine than I do, but usually my tying involves a beer or whiskey and the traditional mess...

    Enjoyed the post...cheers!

  13. Okay. At least I know I am not the only oddball out there. I will pour a Knob Creek, and one of four cd's will be on. Either A)Miles Davis Kind of Blue, B)Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, C)Eric Clapton From The Cradle, D) Michael Hedges Breakfast in the Field.

  14. If I can just say I have enough trouble just tying the flies without everything else. Alcohol generally makes em worse. Oh I'm not good at putting stuff away - result big mess!!
    Great post by the way.

  15. Don't really have a routine that includes a drink. I do turn the television on just for the noise. Problem is, my tying desk is about four feet from a 52" big screen. It can be a little distracting sometimes.

  16. Lately my drink of choice has been anything with caffeine to keep me going. AS for entertainment, I use to strictly shuffle through music (Greatful Dead, Allmans, Zep, Primus, Neil, Phish...depending on the mood)....then a buddy got me hooked on books on tape (well books on cd, well actually books on mp3...all the above) It is freaking great! It's like watching a movie in you mind while doing what you love

  17. @ BRK - I love me some Frank and Tony!

    @ John - I get the 36 pack at sams club cheaper than I could get a 24 pack at walmart.. Go figure

    @ Kiwi - Once you get a tying desk it makes it hard to tie anywhere else

    @ Sanders - I can't do whiskey, I'm a clear person or I do like Yager

    @ Marc - woohoo I am not the only crazy on here. Great list of albums. Wooly buggers and such I listen to Clapton.

    @ Witham - Thanks man! I have been really good at keeping my area clean cause I hate not finding stuff. I have gone as far as making a list of everything I have and where it is at. For example I know I have 247 Mustad 9672's in size 6. lol OCD much?

    @ tnfishdaddy - I bet it can, I have my computer screen and some of my music is music videos and I still love to watch them.

    @ vern-o - I love GD and Primus as well! Thanks for stopping by

  18. I can't drink due to health issues, but I do listen to lots of music when I'm tying. I usually listen to the rock station on the radio, but I have several CD's downstairs where I tie. I usually am blaring Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallica, or Aerosmith. Sometimes I get in a mood though where I have to bust out some Elvis or Oak Ridge Boys.

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