Monday, November 14, 2011

Sofa Pillows and My list of favorite Youtube tier channels

I wanted first to say THANKS!!  Thank you for sticking with me while I was not tying, and really not doing anything. I gained almost 10 followers while I was not posting which baffles me.  I did go back to Idaho for a couple weeks to visit family and just hang out. I have not tied anything for about a month and a half and I wanted to hit it hard today. This weekend I went to Bass Pro Shops and got some materials and for the life of me I can not find the bag of materials I purchased?????  While that is MIA I tied some sofa pillows to ease back into tying.  Let me know what you think.  This week I will do a step by step of something which I don't know you. I did finally get my UV light so I will be doing some epoxy flies I bet.  These are by far not my best work but each one got better than the last.

Also I wanted to post my list of favorite tiers I am subscribed to on Youtube which was a great resource for me when I was learning and also to learn new flies. It seems like everyone wants to make instructional videos on youtube.  Some are amazing and some are just HORRIBLE.  Not the tying per-say but the video quality. I weeded a lot of these out and here are my go toos.

These are in no particular order.

Hansrcsd -  Hans from is a great tier and does a lot of really cool patterns that are explained amazingly well!

Carlp5351 - Although he does not have that many patterns on his channel the ones he does have are great

Caddisflyshop - A great bunch of guys! I have purchased materials from them and on this channel they tie flies, show you new materials, and also how to pick the right materials. 

DavieMcPhail - What can I say about this guy that has not already been said?  By far the BEST tier on Youtube and the most known. Every week he comes out with one or two patterns and everyone is a gem!  They are all different styles from simple brassie patterns to fully dressed salmon flies.  If you subscribe to only one on this list I would choose this one!

Mcfluffchucker - This guy is a blogger as well and does videos of huge pike flies. It is very interesting to watch since I have yet to tie and pike flies. He does have some cool tricks and tips in his videos.

Frycdf - Another great tier and also explains everything very well. He has a ton of flies on his channel.

JsonSweden -  Realistic tying at its best here. You want to learn to make bodies or wings, here is the place to go!  Give his videos a chance. Most of the videos are showing how to use his products.  They are still fun to watch.

TotallyFlyTying - This is a younger kid that has some really neat patterns. Listen to Davie McPhail and then this kid and it sounds like it could have been Davie as a youngster lol. 

Bigrflyshop - Another great source for new patterns and materials.

If you have some favorites let me know. I love checking out new channels and new and fresh patterns to try.

Thanks again for taking a look and it is great to be BACK!


  1. Glad you're back in the saddle. :)

  2. Hey Dustin, welcome back!

    I hope to continue reading your posts, and nice pillows!!

  3. Hey Dustin, good to see you're back at it. You were missed. The sofa pillows are terrific...I'll take a dozen.

  4. Nice looking flies!

  5. Thanks everyone! It has been fun tying as usual. I got some cool patterns here to come.

  6. Awesome looking group of flies man. Glad to see that you are back to tying and posting. Looking forward to future posts. Tight Lines.

  7. Trout -- Thanks buddy and it was sweet to see you are selling flies!

    Hans - It is well deserved! I have tried most of the flies that you have tied minus some materials I had on hand or subbed some but I do really enjoy your videos! Thanks for posting them!

  8. Good to see you back doing your thing...cheers!

  9. Following also. Appreciate it. Cool blog.
    Craig Ohio Outdoors
    Ablaze Home Improvement

  10. Hello Dustin and welcome to fly tying.
    I used this fly type for "Barbel" in Spain
    Greetings, David Romanillos

  11. awesome work Dustin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ken Pike Adventures!

  12. Welcome Back! Great post , I enjoyed checking out some of your favorite tyers that I havn't seen before. So much good stuff on the interwebs these days it's just amazing!

  13. Not tying, but excellent 360 views: