Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bubble Butt Stonefly

 I was looking at a stonefly from pictures and noticed some cool stuff. With the wings the way they are it makes the back end almost bubbleish.  Hence this pattern is born. I splayed the deer hair on the side as well for a bigger presence on the water. I made a bubble with the foam and before I closed it I put lite bright from Spirit River. I tied that in and closed the bubble over the top of it. The material then spreads to the sides and looks like a wing on both sides.  This thing really floats well and lands perfect everytime!

Material List: Hook : Allen Fly Fishing - AFF 5212
Thread : Danville Black 6/0
Body: Black Hobby Foam for half body and full tail, Orange foam the front half and head
Lower Wing : Black Lite Brite
Middle Wing : Black deer hair
Upper Wing : Dark orange deer hair
Legs : Black rubber legs
Markings : Black Sharpie

 You can see from the last picture how the lite bright is in the bubble and goes out to the side as well. Give this one a try when the hatch goes off and hang on :)

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