Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dustin's Not so Famous Stonefly

 Here is some more foam fun I have been playing with. It uses the same concepts as my hopper but just different colors to make the stone. Here is the material list

Material List: Hook: AFF 5212 -- Size 10
Body -- Orange and black foam
Lower Wing -- Spirit River Stonefly pre-cut wing
Middle Wing -- Dark Red Deer Hair
Upper Wing -- Orange Deer Hair
Legs -- Black Rubber Legs
Markings -- Black Sharpie

 The wings are a material I don't know if is still available. I got it from a estate sale and was made by spirit river. It was pre-cut and this is the caddis cut.

The below picture is a hopper before the real tying begins. You can see how I did the extended body and the use of the two colors of foam

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