Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dustin's Not so Famous Hornet

 This fly still needs to be refined. I used olive thread because I ran out of black which is what I would have normally used. I used my bubble but concept and put black foam in the middle and then closed it off. I ran the rubber legs in the front forward and in the back I put a little super glue on a bodkin and shaped them to have a bend.

Material List: Hook : Allen Fly Fishing - AFF 5212
Thread : Danville Black 6/0
Body: Black and Yellow Hobby foam
Legs : Yellow Rubber Legs
Super glue the whole fly
 As you can see here I shaped the bottom yellow foam into a V where it touched the black for a little more life like appearance.
When the fly was all said and done I covered the whole thing in super glue to make it shiny and also pretty much to make the fly protected from the teeth. While it was drying I bent the foam of the tail upward to make is more life like as well.  Thanks for checking this one out. It really is not economical because they do take forever to dry and you need to hold the tail for about 15 minutes to get it into shape.


  1. This is a good color combo. I tie up gurglers in yellow and black with yellow and black legs and they seem to slay the smallies and sunfish. Well done

  2. I got to tie me up some gurglers. Thanks