Thursday, February 3, 2011

Support your local fisheries!!! or Charity

As I get more and more into this sport I have found some amazing people and life long friends. This post is to bring attention to programs that help people in fishing and fly tying. The organization that I am supporting is cast for recovery. If you don't know what this program does it is take woman with breast cancer or survivors of cancer out fly fishing. If you do send out flies they distribute them through out the country with all their programs! They are always in need of donations or even just sending them flies helps many!  There is also tons of local organizations that may be close to you!  Heck even just take a kid or friend out fishing or show them how to tie! This hobby has changed my life and you never know, you might be able to change someone elses life!  If you are interested in sending flies please send to address below.  Also make sure to state your information and that you are part of the (which I hope you all are) and we can bring some more recognition to the site and let people know as fisherman we are supporting their cause!  Here is a box that I sent out early this week to cast for recovery. You guys always have spare flies just hanging around and really all you need is an altoids can and some heart and you can help others!  Their is local water clean ups or conservation you can be a part of as well!  Just help protect this sport for your children and their children. I am eternally grateful to some members on this forum and feel I need to bring this to attention cause just a little helps a lot! If you guys know some local organizations please post them so everyone has a lot of options.

Casting for Recovery
PO Box 1123
Manchester VT 05254 (if coming by postal service)

Casting For Recovery
3738 Main Street
Manchester VT 05254 (if coming via UPS or other carrier)

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