Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dustin's Not so Famous Chernobyl Ant

 Here is another foam extended body fly I have been playing around with. This one turned out pretty great. The legs on the tail were supposed to have eight but when I was moving them around I ended up breaking off one. So I cut the other off and really liked it the way it turned out so I kept tying them like this. This pattern can be used to imitate several different bugs.
 Material List: Hook : Allen Fly Company -- AFF 5212 Size 10 -- BEST HOOKS EVER!

Thread : Olive 6/0
Body : Tan/Brown Foam
Indicator : Chartreuse Foam
Legs : Black Rubber Legs
Eye: Black Marker
Hope you guys enjoy tying this one since it is very easy to tie and can be cranked out quickly!

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