Sunday, February 27, 2011

Season Opener Emerger

 This was a fun fly to tie. I had a buddy in Oregon that wanted and emerger that had a red body and an olive head to use for opening day. I looked at a ton of pics and really didn't see anything that would work so I came up with this and he loved the pattern. I really liked how it turned out so here we are. I also tied some for an emerger swap and these were them. I found some hooks I had that were designed for bead flies.  It was designed by Dennis Brown of Logan Utah.  I really like the barbless offset wire. It also has a bigger gap.
Hook : Daiichi 1250 Size 16
Thread : Olive 8/0 Uni Thread
Body : Small red vinyl rib
Shuck : Olive Z-lon
Mid Body : Olive Spirit River Dazl-Tron
Head : Light Olive 11/0 Glass Seed Bead


  1. Dustin
    Awesome looking emergers, and the color is unusual, and should produce hits. I am becoming one of your followers. I want to see some more great ties. Thanks for joining up with my group. I added your blog to my blog roll, and you will start to see more traffic on your blog. Thanks again.

  2. thanks buddy! Yeah I saw it was unusual but he said he had good results last year but lost his last one to a bush last august and wanted something in a same color and this is what I came up with. Hopefully this works for him

  3. Thank you for the comments on my blog Dustin. I like yours too. Olive has to be one of my favorite colors for flies.