Thursday, May 5, 2011

90 Proof variation -- Inspired by The Tailing Loop

I was scanning some of the older posts of my favorite bloggers and was going though The Tailing Loop and found this 90 proof fly. I have been thinking how I can make some dark green nymphs with it and this is what I have come up with. Usually it takes a couple dozen flies I need to tie to dial it in but I will show what I am developing as of now before it is perfected. I am making a green damsel nymph using it and also a floating adult  blue damsel.  I found some blue smaller air filled beads that float which will be perfect for it.  Again these are very rough but it was a start. The last one seems a little busy but I will send these out to someone that can use them and see how they do.  The first one is wrapped with a fly tiers dungeon product called congo hair. I just took a little and twisted into a rope. It normally comes twice as long but I cut about half of it and made some dubbing out of it with some hares ear.

The thorax is made from a synthetic black peacock again from fly tyers dungeon. This is the normal peacock and don't really have enough left to take a good picture.

Here is his example.

Also just a smaller note. If you have never looked at give them a glance. They got some GREAT products at the cheapest price around. It is their own brand.

Something that made me happy is they finally got the H20 twist back in stock. It is identical to krystal flash but only $2 for it. I also want to add that this is not an advertisement for them. I have only made one order which was a christmas grab bag box which got all the materials I have from this company.  I am happy with the quality and the quantity for the prices!


  1. Those look great. I really love the iridescence of peacock herl/dubbing/beads. For some reason I think it can add so much to a fly in a subtle way.

  2. Nice work! I'm glad we were able to inspire you to try a new technique. Now get 'em in the water!

  3. workin on it lol.. Need to finally get a rod so I can.

    @d. nash, I really like how they turned out and made about a half dozen of each. It was a good concept and it needed a try