Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog shout out week 3 - Cofisher and The River Damsel and more...

Well what can I say??  There are 4 fly tying and fishing blogs that everyone needs to know and I am mentioning 2. Ok, I take that back there is 5!  I did number them but we need to focus on the first two.

1.Cofisher -- AKA windknots and tangled lines
    Howard ---  Oh Howard... This is a man that has a great sense of humor and don't tell him cause he will never believe you....  But he is a good tier!  He has always been very supportive of my blog and has made his name in the blogging community.  He has fished more places without picking up the rod in some instances. (see below the river damsel)  If you want the 411 on Noodling he is your guy.  Give him a look over and a follow!

2. The River Damsel -- The River Damsel
    The good damsel, she hails from Salt Lake City but is not a stranger of traveling.  What she does in her day to day life is unknown to me but she is an amazing writer and it is always a pleasure to read her posts. I look forward to all of them cause one day you get takin on a journey to a land most of us never got to see or we might win some gummy worms....  Hint Hint

3. Troutrageous -- Idiot in Charge -- The man that got me to start my first blog and from what I hear Owl too
4. Ulf Hagstrom -- The flies and life of Ulf Hagstrom --  One of my favorite tiers of all time!
5. Pat Cohen -- Got Bronze
  I have to say something about Pat. If you every had an interest in deer hair flies or just want to see, he is the deer hair GOD!!

Of course I could have said but we all know him... geez

As far as a website shout out this week is Film Flies .  He is one of if not the best realistic fly tiers around!  He ties flies for movies and tv shows. You would never guess his creations started with a hook and ended so real!


  1. Thanks for the shout out...I do love tying flies, I'm just not very good, except with Cheeze Doodles! The only noodling I like is with chicken. Dustin drop me an email (in my profile) I need to know what type of rod you're looking for.

  2. Wow that fly looks to nice to even use. Its a piece of art. I can't believe how real that thing looks. Great shout outs. Keep up the great tying and tight lines

  3. they are really amazing. His family has an assembly line where they crank these out

  4. Yea, once they look that good its called art, not fly tying :)

  5. as long it is on a hook its tying to me.... But I will not debate it is art any way shape or form!