Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog shout out week 5 - Trout Magee and Trerton Fly

This is long over due. You will be getting 2 shouts out this week cause I have not been on top of it. Yes you get 2 in this post but you will be getting 2 more in a day or so. So lets get this started.

1,  Trout magee --  I can't say enough about this chap. His pictures over the last couple weeks have caught me in awe!  He is an amazing father taking his kids fishing and his participation in the blog community!  He is a great fly tier and if you ever make a post be sure he will look at it and vote an opinion.  If you don't check out his blog you are missing out in life!

2. Treartonfly --  This is a young guy that found fly tying and fishing over the last year. You might not be able to see bu his fly tying has progressed vastly over the last year.  He now has videos on youtube and just loves to tie. Again like above I would check out his blog and help support the new generation of tiers!!


  1. Trout Magee is a great example for all fathers and bloggers. Thumbs up! I need to check on Treatonfly, sound like a good site.

  2. Dustin,

    Thanks for the great shout out. Glad you like the pictures. Can't wait to check out Treaton Fly. Thanks again and tight lines.

  3. Trout magee is a perfect example!!

  4. Couldn't agree more....great stuff!

  5. Thanks for spotlighting Treaton Fly. Popped on over to his site - good stuff going on over there. Glad you found him for all of us!

    Couldn't agree more on Trout - I love his blog.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Dustin!

  7. TM...
    You already know my opion but I'll say here
    Good blog, Great Pictures!
    I'll have to check out Treatonfly.
    Thanks for the introduction Dustin!!

  8. no prob gaeron, I just noticed I spelled your site wrong but fixed it. At least the link worked

  9. Both great blogs...Good shout out!