Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog shout out week 6 -- Ulf Hadstom and Anglers Choice Flies

I know, I know two in the same week but I said it before I was a week behind so I needed to do 2 in one week.  Also I have some flies I need to post but I have been tying 3 weeks strait to finish all my orders and now done so I can post what I have come up with!!

1.  The flies and lives of Ulf Hagstrom -- Ulf has been a personal hero due to his amazing tying!!  I knew about him when I first started and try to tie everything he puts on his blog. He does have a lot of followers but if you don't know about him then you should!! He is a very innovative tier and his concepts are amazing!! CHECK OUT HIS BLOG!!

2.  Anglers Choice Flies --  Mike is an AMAZING tier.  A very efficient commercial tier and a round about REALLY cool guy. It has been really cool to see his orders go out the door and his passion for fishing and tying!   He recently made a post of being married for 1 year and it would be cool to congratulate him for that.  Congratulate Post.   He also has a website at Anglers Choice Flies

Website shout out goes to  These young Scandinavian men have some very entertaining videos and they are very well thought out!!  Give them a look!  


  1. Some nice blogs you highlighted there. Had the chance to meet Mike at the NJ Int'l Fly Tying Symposium, not that he'd remember. Dude ties some sick flies.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on some more great blogs. I love seeing different flies from different bug creators.

  3. Thanks a bunch for the shout out and the kind words Dustin!!! Keep up the good tying and good blogging!

    Tight lines!

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