Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back in town and now I gained a fishing buddy!! Also a good garage sale find

Well last weeks was one busy time.  My cousin moved down here from Idaho so now I have a room mate and a fishing buddy!  He loves to fish but mostly was a bait fisherman.  He does have a fly rod, waders, and a float tube.  I am going to get him out and even better see if fly tying could be something he would enjoy.  He brought down my other float tube which was hand made from a local 90 year old guy. The tube was my best friend growing up :)  Got my cousin all moved in and now it is time to hit the water!!

Secondly I hit some garage sales while I was helping him move and found a little gem.  All the stuff came in storm bowling bag.  I got a homemade tying station which is quite dirty right now but once cleaned it will work perfectly.  Picked up all of this for ......  $10.00

In that bag there were 2 VHS fly tying videos. I am stoked about the tying foam flies movie since I wanted to get Skip Morris's tying foam flies book.  The biggest find were the 2 Orvis C & F fly boxes. It comes with fly threaders. I looked on Orvis's site and they retail for $55 each!!  They are brand new still with instructions but no box.

Here is the 2nd Orvis box and also 2 Spirit River Hook and bead boxes. These has some misc flies and some glass beads.  Also there was a smaller bass box which was stocked with flies as well.

I did not open this box till I got home. It was in the bag as well but was all taped up so I figured it was empty and taped to keep it closed.

Upon opening I found a small tying kit. There was a cheap (now my spare) vise, a decent half brown next, 2 pair of Dr. Slick scissors, and Misc hooks and materials.  I was happy to find  these all!

Here is my cousin all tuckered out. :)  The 10 hour drive took it out of him. He was emailing his parents to let them know he was here and fell asleep mid-sentence, mouse in hand lol..

Right when I got home I put my dog in my tying room to keep her out of the way while we moved his stuff in and I walked in to see this.  She was attacking one of my saddles..  ARG ... BAD DOG!!


  1. Talk about scoring big time!

  2. Bazinga! What finds! Glad you're back! Aww...little dog just wants you to tie some hackle into her pony-top tail. That's all. ;)

  3. @ Anthony - Thanks, I know I got some cool stuff and my best friend/cousin live here now! woohoo

    @ Erin - She is a handful and always hyper. She needs a hair cut! Already had a 100 degree day here.

  4. Holy cow now those are some sweet scores. I especially like those Orvis Fly Boxes. Looks like the pooch has expensive taste:) Glad to hear you got a new fishing buddy.. Tight Lines..

  5. From the looks of it I need to go to more garage sales. I have never been much for them but this stuff is inspiring! I think I remember reading that most of your tying supplies are from sales is that right?

  6. I especially like the tying station, I'm looking for the right wood to build one similar.
    Enjoy it!

  7. @ Bruce - That is correct, most of my materials are second hand from garage or estate sales. I also look in like the classifieds for anyone selling fishing stuff. Most of the time I find nothing but when I do it is like christmas. Since our unemployment rate is so high here, everyone is unloading something. To be honest I don't like to go but sometimes the pay out out weighs the lack of desire to go.

    @ Carlos - Thanks bud, I was looking to build one myself sometime so I was stoked when I saw this one.

  8. Those saddles are priceless right now - naughty dog!

    What a heck of a garage sale steal. That is some great fishing booty.

  9. Nice garage sale finds. My dog recently got into some deer hair and saddle hackle too. Darn dogs.

  10. Sweet! It's scores like what you found that keep me going out to sales.

  11. See...you can find some interesting things in those garages!!! Hey, any chance that you will find your way to Colorado this August for the Rocky Mountain Frenzy??? Comment back on my blog or Antlers and Gills if it is a possibility...

  12. Nice going Dustin. That's the way to save some $$.

  13. Nice work, man - looking forward to seeing some of the flies!

  14. Hey Dustin...you have inspired me to go on some yard sale, estate sale, etc. hunts. Good stuff!

  15. @ S&D - Luckly it wasn't a real expensive one but enough for me to give her the evil eye.

    @ Jay - This was the first time and hopefully the last

    @ John - You have found some gold finds as well. Thanks John

    @ River - I responded on both blogs :) Thanks for the invite

    @ Howard - Now I have to get a VCR to watch the movies :/

    @ Schnitzer - Thanks for following!! You have some amazing skill, like you didn't know

    @ Ed - I rarely inspire that is awesome! Post if you get a good find!

  16. you always find the best stuff at those garage sales! Ive got to start hitting up some around Knoxvegas!!

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