Wednesday, June 29, 2011

THANK!! you Bullets and Biscuits -- I won a contest

Bullets and Biscuits had a contest where you stated your weirdest food combination to win a jar of strawberry and banana jam. I eat a lot of normal stuff but the only thing I could think of was toast with butter and ketchup.  Granted I eat ketchup with EVERYTHING it didn't seem to weird with me.  It started with breakfast making toast normally and my eggs. I always ate ketchup with my egg whites and used the toast to soak up the yokes.  Well I got too excited when I was squeezing the ketchup and made a huge mound that I would have ended up throwing half of it away.  So......  I decided to use the rest of my toast and I was hooked.  Needless to say I won along with a couple others and I am a HUGE jam fan.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't sitting at the mailbox every time the mailman came crossing my fingers it came.  Sitting at the mailbox for literally 30 minutes in  109 degree weather paid off today!!  I got a priority package in a small box and became very excited!!  I would not let the mailman leave until he tasted it!  So I literally ripped the box open and the pretty red padding went everywhere..  I cracked the bottle open and broke the seal with my key.  I booked into my house to grab a knife so the mailman could taste it. He got the first taste and a huge smile came to his face.  I couldn't wait so the white trash in me dipped my most likely dirty finger in and took my first taste hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......  Is all I could say!  It was amazing and just wanted to thank him for sending it to me.  Now for the real taste test.

I tried to put everything back together since I already opened it to show how it came.

Doesn't that look amazing!!  Chunks of banana greatness mixed perfectly.

Here is the start to my weirdness!  Toasted me a nice piece and cut it in half.  On the left, butter and Jam.  On the right, butter and ketchup.

To do it right I took a bite out of each one. I already knew I was expecting with the ketchup so after I took the bite with the Jam......

The ketchup went into the trash :)  Thanks again for bullets and biscuits for holding this and the Jam is AMAZING!!  I will be cooking some pork chops and use this as a sauce.


  1. ha ha! ROFL!!! when my jar shows up, i'm not gonna have NEAR the interesting presentation as you did. and i'm CERTAINLY not sharing with our mail carrier person. :)

  2. Oh man, I just about threw up in mouth a little when I heard Toast with Ketchup :) Probably because I can't even handle the smell of Ketchup. Now jam on the other hand, that's a different story altogether. Congrats on the tasty jam.

  3. @ Tex -- it is great stuff! You will enjoy

    @ Trout -- the funny thing is I HATE the smell of ketchup as well.

  4. Awesome. People think it's gross I like ketchup on spaghetti instead of sauce... lol.

  5. Haha! Congrats, Dustin! My aunt always used to put ketchup on her scrambled eggs and also on her rice. Grossed me out. ;)

    I love tomatoes and cottage cheese though, which people find strange.

  6. @ gone -- ketchup and sketti?? I'm gonna have to try that

    @ Erin -- rice I can't see but scrambled eggs also mac and cheese with ketchup are amazing

  7. Thank God you got the jam so you can stop eating that monstrosity.... : ) Congrats, the jam sounds delicious.

  8. Even after chugging a bottle of ketchup in college for $5.00 and then throwing it up after the allotted time went by, I love ketchup. Nothing better than scrambled eggs with salami or ham smothered in ketchup. Congrats Dustin, I hearby ordain you a fellow lunatic.

  9. I have never tried ketchup on my toast. It never even crossed my mind. That jam sure does look good

  10. YEA! You like it! You did a pretty good job putting it back together. I was just reading TexWis post about her jam and noticed I put 2010 on the labels. WTH? I am totally losing it! haha

    Your white trash butt is ok in my book since you eat Heinz ketchup. HEINZ ROCKS!