Thursday, June 16, 2011

What are your 5 favorite bloggers?

Ok....  First off, no one get butt hurt cause you were not mentioned.  My intention of this post is to introduce others to your favorite bloggers and support others.  I will not number them in mine cause they all deserve respect and I can not name my favorite.  Mine are bloggers that are always blogging and have very interesting and entertaining content. Plus they have touched me in a not perverted way, but emotionally and made me always smile.   Please put the link to their blog in your response so we can copy and paste in our browser.  Or as and  , and have done so far, you can make your own posts about it.

Here are my top 5 --  Howard --  Oh Howard, such an amazing person! -- Our fly fishing community needs humor that he delivers -- Erin is an amazing writer and has a zest for life I can only wish to have --  Another amazing person that has a heart of gold -- If I ever had kids I can only wish to be as good as a dad as this man is!!

So lets hear your top five so we can support and view other bloggers!


  1. I don't have favorites, I love them all. On my blog there is a list of all the blogs I'm following. Those are my favorites! ;)


  2. I hear yeah, I know it will be hard to post the 5 cause they don't want to hurt anyones feelings but I would hopefully be introduced to great bloggers I have not seen yet

  3. Those are 5 blogs that are hard to beat...good choices!

  4. I like all of them, but here are some of mine that aren't mentioned yet.

    Great pics, fish, food and stories. Oh yah Killer Streamers.

    Great stories, writing and humor. Nice pics and fish as well.

    Great Pics. Great tips from a wise fisherman.

    Great Pics. Pumped to take his kids fishing. Good stories as well.

    These gents go big. HUGE CARP. Fishing like mad men in Spain. Great Pics.

    There you have it. 5 great blogs that everyone should check out and follow.

    Oh and one extra.

    Great attitude and excellent fly tier. Thanks a lot for the kind words. Tight Lines......

  5. When you read a title like that you always hope that you're on that list, but then when I read your choices it's hard to argue with. I don't check on Trout Magee often enough, which is a shame, and spent part of last night catching up on Mysteries Internal. Dang that girl can write. And fish. And tie. Cofisher is like an uncle, probably to all of us. I only wish I could keep up with the blog world the way he does.
    Anyhow, good choices. I'm on my way to see what Magee has been up to. Keep tying.

  6. Dustin, I feel honored to be on you list. Thank you!

  7. @ Fontinalis Rising -- His blog is among the best. His pictures and his attitude are awesome!

    @ Trout -- Thanks for participating!

    @ Christian -- It is well worth it.

  8. Thanks for the kind words Dustin and everyone else. One of the great things about bloggers is we all have different goals and personalities that we bring to our blogs. My goal was to connect with like minded people, learn a little and laugh a little. Everyone of you bring something I like to my life. Thanks for that.

  9. Like someone else said , it's hard to have favorites as there are so many great blogs out there and each of them I enjoy reading for a different reason. I've got most of the blogs mentioned already thumbnailed on my homepage so I obviously agree with those choices but here are 5 that weren't listed and are well worth a look :

    Super Fly
    Winona Fly Factory
    The Naturalists Angle
    The Haddis Catch
    Trout Journeys


  10. You guys are all great --- this community of flyfishermen is an absolute wonderful thing to be a part of.

  11. Nice blog, you've got another follower

  12. Great blog, I'm going to start following. I'm still finding great blogs all the time. But the ones I seem to watch the most intently lately are.

    Mysteries Internal
    Great writing and the blog has soul.

    The Catching Cronicles of Trout Mcgee
    Awesome pictures and stories

    This guys writing has slowed down but the author does catch huge fish and often.

    A View From Fish In A Barrel
    Nice writing and the stories are entertaining.

    Carp on the fly
    The author catches huge carp at a consistency that is unbelievable.

  13. I can say without hesitation that Mysteries Internal is my favorite.