Friday, June 10, 2011

Charlie's Mugly Caddis -- By Charlie Craven --- Step by Step

I was really wanting to do this pattern better as far as pictures but my main tying light went out.  But, oh well I have not posted many patterns lately so I need to be on top of new posts. I choose to tie these in an olive color and I have only tied about a dozen so far so they will get better with time. You can fish these wet or dry. I had more pictures but most did not turn out so I hope these are enough. I did change some materials to what I had on hand.

Mugly Caddis

Hook: TMC 2312 size 12-20
Thread: Olive 8/0 Thread
Abdomen: Olive hares ear
Under Wing: Light Olive CDC
Upper Wing: Natural Elk Hair
Thorax: Olive hares ear

Start your thread and take it to the bend of the hook. Dub a tapered body really shaggy. The rear tapers thick and thinner towards the front of the fly. Then with your dubbing teaser shag the dubbing even more. Leave a little less than 1/3 of the shank left. I use a longer shank hook so if you use a shorter shank leave 1/3 for other materials.

Take 2 CDC matching feathers and tie them in. Tie them hanging out about 1/5 of the shank lenght towards the back of the shank.

Tie in a small amount of elk body hair with the same length as the under wing. Don't mind if they flare a little bit. But do not use a lot of thread pressure.  Take the thread to the eye of the hook.

Dub again making it very shaggy. It does not need to be tightly dubbed onto your thread. Take it to the end of your elk hair. Now make one wrap over the elk hair and that puts the elk hair down. This will simulate the tent wing of the natural.  Dub now to the eye of the hook so you will have 2 layers.  Tie your thread off.  With your teaser brush it more shaggy and tease it toward the rear of the fly.  Wahla your fly is done.

I got my tying table all cleaned up and put to its first good use finally today.  Notice my sticker :)   Thanks Christian!


  1. Dustin, this looks a deadly caddis pattern. I will be tying a few of those up. That looks a handy desk and very neat. Thanks for the post. Martin

  2. Thanks Martin! I just got the table last week. If you want some better step by step you can see it on charlies site at:

  3. Nice buggy looking caddis pattern , I'm gonna tie up a few of those for my next trip as well. thanks for posting the pattern....Jeff

  4. Thanks Jeff! I really liked this pattern and it was quite simple to tie. Ulf on his blog posted a couple really cool caddis patterns today you should check out as well.

  5. Very nice tie! I missed it on Charlie's, thanks D!

  6. I have been on a kick lately tying a lot of his flies