Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog shout out week 7 -- Barbs fly and The Fly Tying Journal

Week seven already huh?  I have been in a big international blog kick and have found some really cool ones.  Most of them were in Spain and Argentina.  They have some very passionate fly fishers and tiers that blog almost on a daily basis.  Don't limit yourself to your comfort zone of blogs. Most of the ones I found I have been able to  translate to english but the pictures can speak for themselves.

1.  Link to Barbs Fly  -- Carlos is the owner of this blog.  He is a real cool cat and very good tier. His blog is in Spanish but he does know a little english so if you comment on his posts or if he comments on yours they will be in english. Also the blog can be translated.  It seems like he fishes everyday and all his posts have great pictures.  Check it out!!

2.  Link to Fly Tying Journal -- I just recently found this blog..  As in today. I completely went through it and have been fully impressed.  Martin is an amazing tier and seems to have a passion for it. He has a TON of flies on his blog and the recipe for them all.  He has been blogging for about 9 months but only has 7 followers???  All you guys check him out and get that count up!!  Living in Ireland I bet he has some great water to fish in.  Below are some of his patterns.


  1. Will check them out, thanks for finding them.

  2. Thanks Dustin!
    This is a detail talk about me in your blog, and ... it's true, I should learn more English, ha ha ha.
    Thanks for your words, keep in contact!