Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Couldn't sleep last night so I had a date with the vise

I couldn't get to sleep last night so I sat in front of the vise and cranked out some flies. I tried a couple patterns I have never tied before and worked on some of my order.  By the time I couldn't keep my eyes open and my flies were starting to look sloppy it was 4 in the morning. Thanks for taking a peek.

White Madonna

Black/Yellow Floating Leech

Yellow Floating Leech

A Worm of Some Sort

Lava Emerger

Parachute Olive Hares Ear


  1. I like the black and yellow floating leech. That yellow is striking!


  2. Love the flooting Leeches! On the white Madonna is the head all deer hair? Worm of some sort, very nice! Wonder what that would look like for the mid section of a San Jaun worm.

    Hope you weren't up for any bad reasons.

  3. I tied up a bunch of leeches a few weeks ago, and I like this floating idea! I also really like the worm (of some sort)!

  4. Nice bugs...I'm liking the White Madonna, looks like a killer little streamer pattern

  5. Kevin - Yes the head is all deer hair, I might have to try that san juan worm idea. I was up because my medication was keeping me up.

    Erin - I saw your flies so far and liking what I see.

    Everyone else thanks for the props :)

  6. Dustin,
    That worm looks like it would kill on streams around here. Looks like a tiny little night crawler. NIce Flys man.