Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not fishing related but damn was it sweet

I never knew in the Imperial Plaza there was a cool car showroom. Most of the cars there were for sale. Some were one of a kinds worth millions others were just fully restored and completely cherry. They had over 200 cars in the place. They took over 2 floors of the parking garage. Granted living in vegas I see Ferraris, lambos, and Aston Martins on a daily basis but this was really cool to check out. I am a big time car buff so when I found out about this place I was ecstatic. It is called The Auto Collections.  Sorry for not being fishing related but I think other car lovers would appreciate it.  I took a ton of pictures but I just randomly selected some.

 This was elvis's car


  1. If you get up Reno way, I highly recommend the National Auto Museum. My wife and I stopped in and thought we'd kill a half hour or so and ended up spending more than 4 hours there. It's awesome.

  2. Very cool cars! I don't remember them being there the last time I stayed at the Imperial...I won about $1700 there.

  3. Shoreman - I will have to try that out. We have a Ferarri museum here and I hit up SEMA every year.

    Cofisher - I never really was a gambler. I have a very strong addictive personality so anything that could pose a problem for me I refrain from doing.

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