Friday, April 29, 2011

Who would have guessed?? A ski resort next to vegas - and the Hoover

Yesterday I was in glee. I found out there was a ski resort right next to vegas. Just a 30 minute drive from my house is a small yet steep ski area.  I wish I would have know that last winter. I took a trip up there to check it out yesterday. It closed 3 weeks ago but excited for next season. Some amazing view were had on the drive up.

 You would never guess the little things you miss until you see them again. I have not seen an evergreen in the longest time. The smell of them and just reminded me of home. So being the tree hugger I am I had to give the tree a little love.

 I would have never guessed we would have seen deer on the way up but we did.
 One of the lifts. I was amazed to see how much snow it still had.

 Lake mead from the top of a hill.
 The new bridge they finally got finished. You might be able to see people on the top of it.
This is from the top of the bridge looking at the Hoover damn

If you look really close you can see the fish at the top of the picture.  Still don't know what was on the rock.


  1. I bet that snow was a welcome sight to your parched eyes. Guess we all know where you will be come next winter. Looks like a beautiful area.


  2. Standing on top of a dam always gives me the willies. Comes from being afraid of heights. Nice sights, though.


  3. thanks guys, when I was on the bridge my legs were a little knocky

  4. Looks to me to be a turtle on that rock.