Thursday, April 21, 2011

Damsel in Distress Ver.2 (Step by Step)

I got asked several times to make a step by step for my damsel so here you go. I changed the main hook size from a 12 to an 8.

Damsel in Distress Version 2

Extended Hook: Mustad 9671 #10 
Olive grizzly marabou and 6 Olive seed beads.
Thread:  Uni Mono 4m
Tail: Grizzly Olive Marabou
Beads:  8 Small Olive glass beads

Connecting:  30lb Clear mono

Main Hook: Mustad 9672 #8
Thread:  Uni clear and Lt. Olive 6/0
Tail: Olive Grizzly Marabou
Body: Olive Grizzly Marabou
Eyes: Oval lead free dumb bells
Wing: Olive Grizzle Marabou wrapped around head and splayed towards the back

 I would first cut off the hook point past the barb. The beads have a hard time getting over the barb and the bend. I then string on 8 olive beads.
 Carefully to not lose any put the hook in the vise and make a large thread damn to hold the beads in.

Tie in a single grizzly olive marabou for the tail. Make it the length of the shank. At this point put a little bit of super glue at that tie in point.
Move your thread past the first two beads. Do this by just taking your thread under the two and making a few wraps. You don't need to go between each bead because you did the thread damn. In the water the thread pretty much turns clear.
Pull the marabou back over the top of the beads and make a couple wraps. Again go to the next 2 beads and make a few wraps.  Same as before take the marabou and pull it over the top and make a few thread wraps. Now skip 3 beads and make a few wraps leaving one bead in the front. Pull marabou and make wraps. Cut excess and whip finish. Add cement or superglue at the whip finish.
 With my trusty pliers I cut the rest of the bend off. I leave about 1/10 of an inch. Don't cut right to the end of the thread wraps.
Put the main hook in the vise. With the 30lb clear mono thread it through the hook eye and measure leaving about an 8th of the shank. Start your clear thread and tie the mono in VERY well. From here I put 2 layers of super glue. I use the clear thread because it is thin.
Make sure to keep the mono on top of the hook shank. 
Start your light olive 6/0 thread and tie in your eye and again put some super glue at this point.
Tie in 2 marabou feathers with the tips just long enough to cover the eye. 
Wrap both feather to the back of the eye. You might get a lot of long feathers sticking out. You can keep these or pull some out which is what I do. Tie off the feather behind the eye.
Tie in another marabou feather to the length of the tail on the main hook. This is the tricky part. Take the tip and wrap it away from you, under the eye of the hook, and back through the middle of the top of the dumb bell eye. From there tie off, add head cement and you are done.

Hope you guys have as much tying this one as I did designing it. I really liked doing this step by step so I plan on doing some more.  Thanks for looking.  HAPPY TYING!!


  1. Great post. I will be trying to tie this once I get some eyes for it. Good pics and explanation. Cant wait to use it.

  2. gracious, you can use just about anything for the eyes. I have used mono eyes and bead chain eyes and they all work perfectly fine. The biggest thing is to make sure your connection between the 2 hooks is well secured. My pictures are getting better. I used the light from a window mid day for these so I didn't get any shadows.

  3. Good call! I just grabbed a chain from my ceiling fan. Hope the wife doesn't notice:)

  4. Your tying skills are obvious Dustin, what I appreciate most is your "outside the box" approach to design... and of course your ever changing banner!

  5. Stefaan -- Thanks buddy

    JOHN -- I appreciate it! Most of my flies are designed while I am driving not on the vise lol. This day in age i is near impossible to have something completely original. There are so many tiers out there that could have something pretty much the same. Thanks for noticing about the banner changes. I like to switch it up. It is nothing special but keeps it fresh for me/.

  6. Thanks for the instructions. I'll throw a few to some smallies and let you know how they do.

    Another thing that caught my eye though is the picture border in this and some of you other postings. I like the border your using better than the white border I currently use.
    Is it an add on? Could I get any details from you.

  7. Kevin -- thanks and yes please let me know how they work. I sent you an email on how I added the boarder. If anyone else wants to know this is how I did it. When I take my pictures they are always really large. I use to make them smaller. There are some options to automatically add to your pictures when you save them. The option I use is called raise. I click that and it raises it and that is what shows as the boarder. Its just that simple.

  8. Thanks Dustin!
    I really like the look of that option.