Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some cool stuff today

I got featured on Troutrageous blog today!  Here is the link to that post

Also did a little tying today. Been going back and forth to doctors appts and had a little time to do some flies and take some pics. Funny thing is I live in vegas and there is some weird stuff that goes on here. I have a doctors office right by the downtown section of las vegas blvd and drove past the pawn shop where pawn stars was from and was amazed. They had a line about 200 people long just to get in. I have been in their before the show came out and really it is not that special. I know several pawn shops that are 5 times bigger than that here in vegas. Plus I got to see the normal scene. Drunk people puking on the side of the road, hookers slinging, and my favorite the tourists running in traffic and almost getting hit by cars..  REALLY!  Vegas does have cross walks but no one uses them. Also a huge mainstay casino is fully closing. The Sahara has announced that they are closing at the end of this month.  Well..  Anyway here are some flies I got tied.  Sorry the pics are not the best.  If anyone wants the recipe for any of these I will post that. Also starting tomorrow I will start posting more original patterns with all materials.  Thanks for reading


  1. Hello Buddy,

    So pleased you got some work, tying. Your flies are full of imagination, and well thought out.

    I have used a cased caddis for winter grayling, and done well with it. But it must be on the bottom, so I use a Roman Moser super weighted leader. You have to take care and duck when you use it. But with a short tippet 3 feet it presents the caddis were the fish are looking for it. Ideal for fast water.

    How is the Green drake nymph coming on?

  2. That Royal Trude is a staple in my fly box.
    A brookie fly for sure.

  3. I know what you are talking about when you said that people dodge traffic in Vegas!!! I've seen it. Bet it's nice warm weather already...

  4. But did you see a drunk puking on a hooker? That would have made the day. :)

  5. Its st patricks day so I probally will see someone puking on a hooker lol.. Green drake will be finished tomorrow.

  6. "Hooker Puke" would be a good name for a fly.

  7. Thanks for the post on my stop foreclosure portland blog but you may be more interested in this one:
    Do you ever get to the PNW late spring. We've got a pretty cool place on the Deschutes.

    Rick Safko