Thursday, March 3, 2011

Found this at a garage sale for $4 on Tuesday!

I pulled up to a small house with a newspaper in hand with the garage sale section. They stated they had a lot of fishing equipment and other item. Most items were spinning bait rods and bait fishing items. I thumbed through most of what he had and this caught my eye. It was marked for $10 and I offered $4 and to my surprise he accepted. He also had some eagle claw hooks made in the 60's for really cheap as well. When it was all said and done I got this and 400 hooks for $7. I really don't know if this is worth anything but maybe someday it might. It is the first day issue which came out in 1991. Then it has 4 other stamps with it. Then it was framed in and I take it, it was sold by Cortland. I don't know what gave that away lol.  The glass looks like it has some superglue of some sort on it and in the process of scraping that off.  I have not done any research on it yet but  I think it is cool and now sits on my wall. Sorry for the dark pictures!  I am no photographer :)

They are selling it for $100!  Woohoo I scored. 


  1. Good find. A nice piece to hang over the tying desk for inspiration.

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