Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vise was on FIRE today!

Today I undertook some new patterns and also trying to tie some patterns I got in swaps.  With my J.K. Stodard order I got in yesterday I dove right in. These were all fun to tie and should all be some great producing flies. Let me know what you guys think. As always thanks for looking

Hook : AFF 5212 Size 8
Thread : Black 6/0
Body : Brown Foam
Lower Wing : Yellow Foam
Legs : Yellow and Black rubber legs
Upper Wing : Natural Elk hair
Head : Tan Foam

Hook : AFF 5212 Size 8
Thread : Black 6/0
Body : Brown Foam
Lower : Orange and Chartreuse Foam
Legs : Yellow rubber legs
Head : Brown Foam
Indicator : Orange foam

 I got this pattern in a fly swap I am hosting. This was my attempt at it and I think it turned out ok. Once I get it down I will post the recipe at that time. I did have my thread showing on the bottom which I need to fix and these just take so long to make! I substituted the body materials since I did not have what he used

Hook : AFF 5212 Size 12
Thread : Black 6/0
Body : Orange Chenille
Wing : Gold pearl krystal flash
Legs : Orange rubber legs
Head and Upper wing : Black foam

Hook : AFF 100 Size 12
Thread : Black 6/0
Under Body : Black Chenille
Upper Body : White swiss straw with brown marker
Legs : Black bristles from a broom and flattened
Shine : Clear lacquer 


  1. Dustin you tie some mean looking flies. I love the stuff here. Man the beetle and split wing hopper is great! I'm following might be the one who can actually teach me to tie!

  2. Awesome work man. You certainly crank the flies out. Wish I could. Well done.