Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pulled out all my fishing gear for a good cleaning and missing stuff?

I really didn't sleep that good last night so I figured when I got up to do some spring cleaning. I ran to the garage and grabbed my two fishing bags to inventory what I had and what I possibly will need to buy in the near future. As I started pulling out my stuff I got all flustered cause I could not find my two favorite items. My 5/6 Lamson reel and my 5pc 4wt Joan Wulff Winston??????????  As of right now they are both still missing in action. That was my only rod I had left. I got it for my birthday 11 years ago :( .  But to my surprise I found I had four pairs of waders. Two Orvis breathables, one Dan Bailey's breathables, and Simms neoprene waders.  Why did I have 4 and two of the same ones. I had a nice orvis and columbia vest which I always loved. I have my Orvis rocky mountain with 4 extra spools filled with my favorite lines. I have two bug shirts which I wore everywhere. Bug shirts are a breathable jacket that you can zip the face up to keep the bugs out. I also have a nice pair of simms boots. I got my simms gloves and glacier gloves. I found my Richard Wheatley box that I didn't know I even owned? I got a full rain poncho and one of my favorite items, the force fins. I used to float tube several times a week and would never leave home without them. I also have 2 float tubes, one being a bucks bag and another which was made by a local resident of Idaho. He lived a block down from me and made the tube when he was 91 years old. He did pass away 8 years ago and I have missed his smiling face. Of course my two fishing bags which I also got as a gift. You may ask why do I have multiples of just about everything and the reason is simple. I loved to take out friends and family fishing and most of them have never done it nor had any equipment. So I would always use mine and let them use mine to get them into it. All this stuff is over 10 years  old and still running strong!!!!!

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  1. I hope you find your rod and reel soon. That would make me crazy until I found it. I think I justify having more gear than I need by saying it's for friends, but realistically the only person I ever fish with is Kelly.