Monday, March 7, 2011

My progression in 8 months of tying

Some of you know and some don't that I did not start tying flies because I loved fly fishing. I did fly fish when I was younger and loved it but really didn't have the time nor the resources to go out all the time.  I started tying because of a doctors request to find a hobby that I need to work with my hands. I do have the shakes really bad and since tying it has controlled it very much!!!  Below was the very first fly I ever tied. I am putting it in a shadow box next week to remind me where I started from. I have amassed quite the bit of materials through out this time and gained some lifelong friends. I am on disability due to my illnesses and being only 29 years old is quite hard. When I was advised from my work that I should go on medical leave I was quite distraught!  It was only supposed to last a month till I got my medical stuff in sort. Then it went towards 2 and I have not worked since. My disability did not kick in till January so I was living off my savings and was on a huge budget. I had a house a car and bills like most of us so I was in a tight spot. I did not get paid for 6 months.  I was tying on a first generation regal when I started and the spring in the jaws went bad. I lost my therapy due to that and had no way to get another vise. I did buy a box at an estate sale when I first started and it had a vise in it that was made in the 50's. The members of the in December got together and got me my HMH standard vise. There was 14 members that got together and made this happen! I am writing this to thank everyone in the tying community for everything they have did to help expand this sport and help everyone that was in need!


  1. Nice one Dustin!

    I am new to tying myself and was blogging a bit last year about it - something I should start again... My first fly is on this page. My tying has not improved as much as yours.

    I am liking the posts keep it up

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I have even more respect for you now... and I honestly was already very impressed by what you have accomplished such shirt time. My tying has been an on and off sort of hobby. I'm getting more into, and wish I had invested more time in it earlier in life.
    Very cool that the fly tying forum folks came together to help you out with a new vise.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. That is such an inspiring story, if you ever need anything give me a hollar.

  4. That was your first fly? That's pretty d@mn good.... mine looked like a hook with some cat hair glued to it.

    I'm glad to hear things are working out for you.

  5. Thanks guys, yup that was my first fly!